It’s all About Game Design…

My name is Jim F and I have been playing wargames since I was twelve years old and I nagged my parents into buying me the OSG edition of ‘Napoleon at Bay’. I didn’t realise it was the OSG edition then, I just knew it had a very cool painting of a cavalry man on the front. Playing the game was a considerable step up from playing ‘Escape from Colditz’ but it started a passion that has continued ever since.

Napoleon at Bay

Despite being techno-ignorant I decided to start this blog for two reasons. Well, two if you don’t include my lovely wife (Hindu style) pushing me into it.

The first reason was to publicise it and get some feedback from the people who matter most. Apart from my family that is. The people that will find themselves staring at the screen on their ipad or laptop with a few quid/dollars/euros burning a hole in their pocket and are trying to decide between a new pair of jeans or new board game. Some prior knowledge about this game might just tip them in the right direction.

The second reason is because I have always been interested in how a wargame develops and the thought processes behind it. Where do the ideas behind its mechanisms come from? Why this topic and not a thousand others? Hopefully this blog will answer these questions. If you feel you want to comment, please do. If you just want to browse and then leave quietly, that’s great too. Think of this blog as a second hand bookshop, one of which I used to work in many years ago. Just because they’re reading it, doesn’t mean they’re buying it as my old boss used to say.


My thanks to Kurt Keckley for his kind permission to use this.

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