The Map


There aren’t that many early maps of the siege, especially ones that encompass the playing area I envisage for the game. The best example is the print above. However it needs to be stripped back to its basics for play testing, particularly as the number of locations (essentially movement points) will very much dictate the pace of the game. Getting them right will be a crucial element in the design. A very kind colleague at work had offered to remove all the ‘unnecessaries’ but they have been exceptionally busy and I could see the project getting pushed further and further back. Happily a knight in shining armour, Simon Dasmacht, stepped into the breach and has done a sterling job, so we are just waiting for some gaming parts to arrive from Germany to get started on early playtesting. I met Simon at a wargaming weekend in Liverpool where we were opponents on a game of ‘It Never Snows’ and we have exchanged several geekmails since on various stuff including a shared interest in OCS.

photo (9)

Confirmation of the order from Germany. I’ve done my usual and ordered more than I need. By the way, I’m notorious for spending hours deciding what to buy and then ordering the wrong things. Don’t think I have here though. 

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