Enhanced Actions


Once the idea of using action cards had been decided on it was only a millisecond later that I was thinking about using enhanced actions. While I’m very poor with my forward planning in games, (I was always a one move ahead man in chess), I respect those who are able to do it. I also believe they should be rewarded in a game. However, it isn’t a free ride in this game. Enhanced actions entail a risk because…

A: They give a clue to your opponent about your intentions for that turn (particularly whether you are going to assault as the Turkish player)

B: They may be be countered by the other player

C: Once the card is committed to an enhanced action it cannot then be used for an immediate action. You are mortgaging that turn on being able to do what you planned for. In a game of limited turns that matters.

However, the balancing act here with the design is to work in player interaction without making it just a series of frustrating actions and counter-actions. Essentially a You build, I knock down mentality. I wouldn’t enjoy that and unless people are massive Jenga fans, they probably aren’t going to enjoy it either.

The enhanced actions list is in a bit of a state of flux but I’ll post the Turkish player’s list (they are specific for each player) so you can get an idea of where I am at.

Turks Enhanced Action Table

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